How It Works

The process is designed to be quick and easy.  There are No waiting periods.  

Select a Plan

Select a plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Download ID Card

After purchase, you can login and download your ID card(s).

Select a Provider

Call member services or view a list of participating providers

Enjoy the Savings

Visit the provider and pay the reduced rate. That's It!

Step 1  select the right plan

The choice is yours...  You decide what plan level is best for you and your household budget. Individual, couple or family plan options available.  Pay monthly or in one easy annual payment.  

Plan OPtions

Step 2  login and download 

Instant access...  Once you have purchased a plan, you will automatically be able to login and download your plan materials including ID card(s) and guides.  You will need to bring your card with you when visiting a participating provider.

Step 3  select a provider

By phone or online...  We let you decide how you would like to select a provider.  If you find that your provider of choice is not in one of our networks, please just give us a call.  We will be more than happy to add them or help you find another provider that accepts the plan.  

Provider locator

Step 4  enjoy the savings

That's it...  Visit the participating provider and present them with your ID card.  They will know to bill you the correct rates.  If there are any questions they can call the Member Services department, available Monday to Friday 9a.m. - 7p.m. EST.

All Plans Include a Free
UCA  Membership

that's a $15 dollar a month membership - Given to you absolutely free